How to Travel for Free

How to Travel for Free- We all need an occasional getaway to get rid of the monotony that our daily lives inject in us. How often do you think of packing your bags and walking away without having to care about anything else? But every time, there is something that would cause you to take a step back and that is the concern if you have enough money to carry out your wishes. How would you react if you were said that you could travel anywhere you want to for free (or at the cheapest rates)? Well, how to travel for free sounds a little absurd because even when you are hitchhiking and putting up at the locals’, you are sure to come across some expense or the other. This article will give you a complete guideline to arrange a trip at the lowest possible cost. Start searching the internet for the cheapest travel destinations and you’ll soon know how to travel for free or how to travel cheaply.

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Save Your Bucks- Know How To Travel for Free and Get The Most Out Of Spending Less 

If you want to feed the wanderlust in you but don’t have means enough to quench your thirst, you are at the right place. Here are some of the ways in which you can visit beautiful places without having to spend lots and lots of money. Read on to find out how to travel the world cheap or how to travel for free.

1. Stay Away From The Tours And Travels Managers:

This is a raging business these days. The tours and travels managers, although offer a great package, charge a lot of money in turn of their service. They usually set their charges after keeping a marginal profit of their own. Not going for such agencies helps you to cut down on the extra expenses.

Stay Away From The Tours And Travels Managers:

2. Plan A DIY Trip:

What can be better than DIY trips? Pick up a destination, plan the trip with your gang and get set go!

Plan A DIY Trip

3. Book Your Tickets Much Beforehand:

The key to comfortable and economical travel is booking the tickets much beforehand. The tickets that are booked six months before the date of travel are much cheaper as compared to those booked just before a couple of months. It also saves you the risk of unavailability of seats. Booking the tickets at the last minute is not only expensive but also uncertain. You may have to share the seat with your co-travelers. Get rid of all the fuss and be proactive!

Book Your Tickets Much Beforehand

4. Stay Updated With The Discounts Offered By The Flights:

Different airlines companies charge different amounts for their services. Also, they offer lucrative discounts during different occasions. Grab the best deal and go for it.

Stay Updated With The Discounts Offered By The Flights

5. Compare The Prices Of Hotels And Different Airlines:

This is important! While some of the companies, be it an airlines company or any hotel, charge lots of money for their comparatively poor services, some of the other companies may serve you better at a much lower rate. Always read the reviews thoroughly before availing the service of any brand.

Compare The Prices Of Hotels And Different Airlines

6. Stay With The Locals Wherever You Go:

Now we’re talking! Here’s the first step you need to know if you want to know how to travel for free. How about ditching the idea of staying in hotels? You could just put up anywhere, like the houses of the locals. It is at these places where you get the most hospitality and warmth.

Stay With The Locals Wherever You Go

7. Go Backpacking; Put Up Tents:

Or even better, put up your own tents. What can be more adventurous than staying right under the sky and stargazing? Carry your tents wherever you go. This will not only save your money but also help you witness an experience that you will remember for a lifetime.

Go Backpacking; Put Up Tents

8. Using Airbnb:

Try using AirBNB. This is going to save you lots of bucks.

try using airbnb

9. Visit Places That Are Cheaper:

A vacation doesn’t always have to be a getaway to some expensive place. A vacation is going to some place which will give you peace and serenity. While dreaming of a candlelight dinner near the Eiffel tower, one often tends to overlook the beautiful places around him. This vacation, go to the nearest and cheapest tourists destinations and spend some quality time with your gang or your loved one.

visit cheap places

10. Cooking Their Own Meals:

Unless you are a food enthusiast, this one will work wonders for you. Avoid eating at restaurants unless you want to taste some special dish belonging to the palace. Cook your own food. This is not only an economic method but also helps you to keep healthy while you are on your trip!

11. Planning The Budget Beforehand:

It is important that you have a budget ready. Planning the budget beforehand will help you to spend money systematically. Know how much money you have to spend on conveyance, stay and food. If your expenditure exceeds your budget, you are doing it wrong and need to rectify yourself. Without a proper budget, you’ll keep spending unless you run out of cash.

travel budget before

12. Traveling In The Offseason:

Why not visiting a hill station during December? Many people visit hill stations in order to avoid the scorching heat at their place. Instead, you can plan a trip to the same hill station during winter (when people aren’t likely to visit the place). This will not only be an economic method but also you’ll get to enjoy the spine-chilling cold that people usually miss out on.

Traveling In The Offseason

13. Avail Carpool Service:

Travel in groups. Share the car with a group of other people. In this way, the fare will be equally divided among all the people traveling by the vehicle. It is useless to hire one big car for a small group of people. You will have to pay for seats that are going to remain vacant. Instead, share the car with another such small group.

Avail Carpool Service

14. Use Other People’s Vehicles For Transport (Hitchhike):

Exciting, ain’t it? You can ask the locals to give you a ride to some nearby destination. In turn, you could just offer him some money or even share your meal with him. This is economic as well as a fun idea to try out, especially if you are on a solo trip.

travel on local public vehicles

15. Travel In Groups; Share The Expenses:

When a large number of people are traveling together, it makes it easy to manage the expenses. Whatever money is spent, it is equally divided among all the members, and this reduces the cost per head.

Travel In Groups; Share The Expenses

16. Participate In Whatever Contests You Come Across:

Raise money even when you are on a trip. Take part in every contest that you come across. If you fail to win, then hard luck. But if you win, you may even get to earn a few bucks that you can use in your vacation. There’s no harm giving it a shot, right?

Participate In Whatever Contests You Come Across

17. Don’t Buy Gifts In Airports:

I repeat, DON’T! The things are sold at the airport at a price which is manifold times higher than the original price of the goods. This is the worst mistake that any traveler can make. Just avoid buying gift items at the airport.

Don’t Buy Gifts In Airports:

18. On-Foot Tours:

If you and your better half have not had a heart to heart conversation for a long time, this is exactly what you need. You can also travel on foot. Doesn’t sound like a bad idea walking for miles with your loved one or your friends? This will also help you to spend some alone time with them.

walk with friends on travel

19. Sleep In Dorms:

How about sleeping in the dorms of large places?

Sleep In Dorms

20. Avail Discounts And Concessions:

This has to be the most important point. Avail every kind of concession and discount you get. There are concessions for females and also other discounts based on your profession. Sometimes, some of the railway employees can also travel for free along with a free pass for another person. See how much you can save?

Avail Discounts And Concessions

TIP: Don’t Hire Travel Guide, Use Google Map Instead:

Another important tip for the tourists is that they should not hire a tour guide to guide them through the place. Most of the guides tend to dupe you by providing information which is incorrect. They don’t show you half of the places but charge a handsome amount of money for their half-hearted effort. This is an injustice to all the people who trust them to educate them about a place. You can explore much more when you ditch a tour guide and start traveling on your own. Moreover, who needs a guide when you have the support of Google?

google map travel navigation

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Things To Do On A Trip

When are you listing down the techniques of how to travel for free, then there is another most important list, “things to do on a trip”. You are not always traveling or sightseeing when you are on a trip. For the times when you want to kill your boredom, there are quite a number of things that can be done. Let’s discuss a few of them.

  • Interact with the locals. Talking to the locals will give you a clear idea about the culture and the customs of the place. If you manage to develop a nice relationship with them, you might even be lucky to be treated with their meals. (Oh yes! You saved the money you were about to spend on snacks!)
  • Take a bicycle trip and explore new places. There are going to be places that are much less talked about but they might be so beautiful so as to pop your eyeballs out. All you have to do is hire a bicycle from a local (because from some authorized store, it is going to be expensive) and set out to your adventure
  • One of the biggest advantages of travelling is that you get to learn new languages. Exploring new places, talking to the locals are a much more effective way of learning about the manners and the mannerisms and the language of the people of a place. You get to know so much more than what is written in the books.
  • Shop and shop. Get everything that your heart craves for from the local markets. This is something which is very personal and is completely up to you whether you want to spend your money on shopping or not.
  • Showcase your talent on the streets. If you are good at art, make a street art. If you can play an instrument and sing, do it. Trust me, once you dare to stand amidst the street and start, there will be lots and lots of people flocking around you. There might even be chances that you earn a mere something out of it. You can at least raise money for your snacks for the day. Good enough, eh?
  • Bump into museums and art galleries. They tell a lot about the history and the culture of the places. You will get to know about the important people who used to stay there and all the events of importance which took place there.
    Spend some time close to Mother Nature. This is the best thing one can do on a trip. In our busy everyday lives we often tend to overlook all the beauties that surround us. We forget to appreciate the facilities that we luxuriate in. Nature gives us lessons like no one else does. The times spent close to nature will remain etched in our memories for an eternity. It’s time you keep your mobile phones aside and bask in the serenity.

Despite all these things, one thing that you have to ensure is your own safety. Hitchhiking, putting up at the houses of the locals, resting in tents, all of these seem to be great ideas as long as they are safe. If you are not experienced enough, you may not be up to staying at the wrong person’s house or boarding the wrong person’s vehicle for a ride. You may even put up a tent at the wrong place that might be prone to the attack of wild animals or even landslides and other calamities. Adventures are thrilling but not at the expense of your safety and your life.

So your search for how to travel for free or how to travel the world at cheap rates ends here. Have you packed your bags?