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Meghalaya Guide

India is a gem and there are so many good things about the entire country. The places, the languages, people, culture and everything clubbed together makes the place a heaven for not just Indian but also the foreign tourists. There are a lot of tourists who come from various countries in order to get a lot of beautiful clicks and to experience the natural beauty that the country hosts.

From the royal forts in Rajasthan to the Himalayan range, India is also blessed with diversity in flora and fauna. My recent trip to one of the best places I have ever visited took me off-guard because I didn’t have an idea that there was such a place that even existed. I lastly visited Meghalaya which is one of the states in the seven sisters of India and one of the most beautiful places in the North Eastern states. This place is blessed with the Rocky Mountains, mesmerizing sights and a lot more.

I started my trip from Delhi taking a flight straight from the city to Shillong which is one of the most developed cities in Meghalaya. It is the best way to reach here and in the shortest time. Trip to Meghalaya was always on the card for me. As soon as I reached the airport, I went to the food joint, and if you are starving, you can visit here. There a few options.

Day 1

The first days are always good. On my first day here, I just sat around and chilled. I visited the main market and tried some of their local dishes. I ate Jodoh and Pumaloi at breakfast. Jodoh is a very popular dish in town and it is healthy+ tasty, making it the perfect breakfast meal. You get chopped vegetables and garnished with either eggs or fish. After having it in a local restaurant I pushed off to my first destination which was in Shillong itself. I had a constraint of days but then I also didn’t want to lose any charming spot. So according to plan, my first day had to be in Shillong itself. You can also go on a budget trip to Meghalaya as there are a lot of comfortable options that you get with it.

Places to visit in Shillong

First of all, you should always carry an umbrella or a raincoat because you would never know when it will rain. So I carried one water bottle, a tent and a raincoat with me. My Meghalaya tour itinerary was already built and these places were right on the top.

Elephant Falls

My solo trip started from Elephant Falls, which was a pristine spot. You will find a lot of people coming here to enjoy the beautiful place. You can take a shower in nature if you want or just sit there to enjoy the serenity of the place and take in the beauty as well. You can check with Meghalaya tourism for the tickets and other stuff.

Don Bosco Museum

My next spot was the famous Don Bosco Museum which really looked amazing from the inside as well as the outside. Apart from Sundays and National Holidays, this place is open every day. You can take the entry ticket which is 100 INR for the adult Indian citizens and 50 INR for the students. The rates for the foreigners get revised often.

Shillong Peak

The purpose of coming to Shillong would have been a waste if I would have left the Shillong Peak. This is a high point from where you can take pictures of the city which is below you. The 360-degree view of the place is breath-taking and you would see a lot of Fauna all around. If you are coming to this place just do not miss this spot. From here I went to a nearby restaurant for having lunch. And my stomach got full with their another local dish which was Nakham Bitchi. It is a delicious soup and people here eat it only when they want a heavy spicy meal. And god, I wanted it as I was starving.

Umiam Lake

After filling up my stomach there was this beautiful lake that was waiting for my presence, named as Umiam Lake. You can stand by the shore and click pictures, go for kayaking or a boating trip or just enjoy yatching and river bus. So this spot became my last spot for the day.

Day 2

For the next day, I hired a bike and went off to Cherrapunji which is just 53 km from the capital city of Meghalaya. But along the ride, you would see some of the best views so keep your camera and mobile charged. Stop at some points and just get a few beautiful clicks.

My entire day included traveling and staying in Cherrapunji. I visited some of the best places in the city which includes, Double Decker living root, Dawki, Krem Phyllut, and the magnificent Nohkalikai Waterfall. Do not miss any of these and you can get your hands on some of the best dishes here, such as Dohkhelieh which is a delicious pork salad. For all the non-vegetarians who are visiting here, the place is going to treat you with some of the tastiest food you would have ever had.


I still didn’t have the hang of the place but due to the time constraint, I had to take a bus back to Guwahati which is a 150 km ride. I had half a day to explore the city which I totally enjoyed. The people, the food, the drinks, everything here was amazing. I left from the Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport which is the city itself with a promise of returning to the place with more time, to bag up some great experiences. Checkout with the Meghalaya tour operators for this because they are going to give a lot of good options.

So if you are following a strict routine, this should be on your list but if you have some more time, then there are a lot of other places to visit as well.

Some tips while coming to the place:

So get your charts ready and keep some extra clothes as well.

The complete trip to Meghalaya cost me around 20k to the max.

You should keep a raincoat in your bag as well.

Carry a waterproof bag.

If you wish to trek in the place, just get yourself trekking shoes, because the mountain region that bears the trek trails are slippery at a lot of places, so the normal sport’s shoes could just ditch you at certain points.