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Why Kerala beaches in Holidays? Is this question is hitting your mind? Then this article is just for you! Kerala, rightly called God’s own country, is the most picturesque of all states in India,  situated in the southernmost region of India, sandwiched in between the Western Ghats bordering the state towards the east and a beautiful coastline along the west, that is 550 km long, just overlooking the Arabian sea.

Kerala beckons with its well-known backwaters or lagoons, magnificent beaches in Kerala, its greenery constituting of palm and coconut trees and its wealth of tea and coffee plantations. Kerala has its own charm, and therefore a trip to Kerala will leave you refreshed and wanting for more.

beaches in kerala

Due to its long coastline, Kerala boasts of some of the most beautiful beaches destinations in India. One can just while away in any of those beautiful beaches in Kerala and feel one with nature. Though there are many beaches in India, yet the beaches in Kerala stand apart as one is sure to get solace and a sense of tranquillity does prevail like you are amidst a dream. These beaches will be best option to spend time in Kerala if you are looking for peaceful Beaches in India.

The best Beaches in Kerala

The Kovalam Beach

The Kovalam beach is 17 km long and is divided into three smaller beaches, the Lighthouse beach, and the Samudra beach and the Hawah beach. The hash beach and the Lighthouse beach are the most famous while the Samudra beach is comparatively quiet. The Kovalam beach is among the best beaches in Kerala. There are many activities, like swimming in the sea, sunbathing, sunset viewing and cycling and water sports like snorkelling and catamaran rides that can be done here.

Kovalam Beach kerala

Bekal Beach

The Bekal beach is situated near Karnataka and is quieter in comparison to the Kovalam beach. One can also view the largest fort in Kerala, the Bekal fort which is also very well preserved. A visit to this beach is every nature lover’s delight as you can get to see the backwaters that connect the Arabian Sea.
Bekal beach kerala

The Varkala Beach

The Varkala beach is divided into the northern and the southern part. There is a Hindu temple on the southern part while the northern part is the most visited place. The beach attracts many tourists as it is located at the bottom of a cliff that is lined by beach shacks and one can enjoy a magnificent view of the Arabian Sea from atop the cliff. It’s a haven for young couples and foreigners alike as they can enjoy the views from the cliff top and even stay right on the cliff. The view from here is very striking and romantic.
Varkala Beach kerala

The Kozhikode beach

Famous Kozhikode beach offers the best sun setting scenery. As the sun sets, it imparts beautiful shades of colour in the sky, thus making the atmosphere pristine and tranquil. It is a secluded beach and is a lover’s paradise.
Kozhikode beach kerala

The Alappuzha beach

The Alappuzha beach is famous to tourists as boat races are held here, the presence of backwaters and is a destination for beach holidays. It is also a very popular picnic spot. There is a 137-year-old pier that juts out into the sea and a lighthouse adds to the tourist attraction. Houseboat cruises are conducted from this beach which makes it all the more popular. It is popularly referred to as the Venice of the East. The remnants of the Alappuzha Sea bridge stands testimony to old times. This beach offers picturesque views and is quite popular among newlyweds and couples.
Alappuzha beach kerala

The Marari beach

Marari beach is quite close to Alleppey and is quieter than the others. One can spend a few moments just to relax and be with himself. You can get Ayurveda treatments or attend some yoga classes that are held on the beach if you are staying at the Marari Beach Resort. One can see a never-ending line of coconut trees and empty sands that line the seashore.
Marari beach kerala

The Kannur Beach

Kannur beach in Kannur, a lesser known destination, is popular as a secluded beach. Theyyam rituals are held here during the months of October till May, and the Theyyam events are highlighted in the Kerala Tourism calendar.

Kannur beach kerala
Kannur beach Kerala

The Cherai beach

Cherai beach is 10 kilometres long and quite isolated and can be accessed from Kochi, by ferry to the Vypeen Island and then by bus or by an auto rickshaw that passes through paddy fields and winds through villages. The beach was very recently given a makeover and a walkway was newly started. One cannot help but stare at the beautiful sight of the beach and the lagoon so close to each other.

Cherai Beach kerala
Cherai Beach Kerala

The Kappad beach

Kappad beach, close to Calicut is famous as Vasco De Gama first landed here in the year 1498. It is quite popular with the tourists as its water is quite safe and you can even see fishermen going out to the sea to fish and again returning in the evening with their catch and spreading it on the beach. There is also a 100-year-old temple on the beach side and a rocky piece of land that protrudes into the sea.

Kappad beach kerala
Kappad beach Kerala

Payyoli Beach

Another romantic destination is the Payyoli beach near Kozhikode. This beach is also among the very quiet and secluded beaches in Kerala. It is perfect for a romantic beach destination. This place teems with baby turtles as it is a breeding ground and you can sit back and watch them go into the sea.
Payyoli beach kerala

Things to do in Kerala:

Kerala is bestowed with bountiful nature. Besides the beaches in Kerala, its breathtaking views of its landscape cannot be compared to anything else. There are many things to do in Kerala besides visiting the best beaches in Kerala. Some of the best places to visit in Kerala are:

Payyoli beach kerala

– You can enjoy the tranquillity of the backwaters on the houseboats in Alleppey. Soak in the atmosphere and enjoy with your family on one of these houseboats as you taste some fresh coastal delicacy that is served on the houseboat.

If you are lucky enough you can also watch the Neelakurinji bloom in Munnar, which happens once in 12 years. Therefore the Eravikulam National Park visit to view this rare sight is a must to get a wonderful experience.
If you visit Kerala during the Onam festival or from July to September, you can witness the popular snake boat race held in Alappuzha. One can also rent a boat so that you can watch it from a very close distance and be a part of all this excitement all around you, as you will see enthusiastic people clapping and waving and cheering the racers on.

– Another must visit while on a trip to Kerala is the spice gardens in Munnar or Thekkady. You can even get to taste some spices that grow here, like black pepper and cardamoms or the vanilla while you are touring the farms.

– While planning a trip to Kerala one should also include a tour of the ever so popular coffee plantations in Wayanad. You can also have a cup of coffee on the farm itself.

– Fort Kochi is famous for its architecture. Its architecture that has been influenced by the British, Chinese, Portuguese and even the Arabs will leave you awestruck. You can hire a bicycle or go on foot and explore the place, while you come across synagogues, museums, Chinese fishing nets, a beach and many more.

– How can one miss a Theyyam dance recital while in Kerala? Theyyam dance is a very beautiful dance form that is usually performed in front of the deity in many temples in Kerala. You can check the dates of the Theyyam recitals online too.

– Touring the tea gardens of Munnar is a very marvellous experience. While in the tea garden one can even watch how tea is processed and can also get to taste different varieties of tea that is made here. The tea gardens of Munnar present an ideal backdrop for family or honeymoon photos.

– A swim in the Arabian Sea is an added attraction while in Kerala. The mineral-rich hot springs in the Varkala beach along with the salty water of the sea has medicinal value too. Soak in the goodness by taking a bath here.

– Take a jeep ride through the Periyar jungle. Visit Thekkady as it is famous for its fauna and flora, the deep dense forests and its aquatic life. As you take a jeep ride through the Periyar jungle you will get to view a dam, townships, vegetable farms, vineyards and if you are lucky enough you can also come across the lion-tailed macaque. If you are adventurous enough you can also camp overnight in a tent or a tree house.

– Do not miss the chance to watch the sun setting in the distant horizon at the Kovalam beach.

– Get to taste Kerala’s healthy food options like the Upma, masala dosas, idlis and appams and the vegetable or the chicken stew to go with it.

sunset point distant horizon at the Kovalam beach


Besides all these things there are many other ways that you can enjoy your time in Kerala. Not only are its many beaches a top tourist attraction, and its lush green fields, its coconut grooves, its backwaters, its hill stations give you a sense of satisfaction but fulfils your dream. You can also wander away among the paddy fields while enjoying the nature under your feet and all around you.

Stop at the roadside and sip tender coconut water that is sure to give a cooling effect to your mind and body on a hot day. You can also enjoy the soft pulp that will refresh and rejuvenate you. You can also enjoy a traditional Kerala vegetarian lunch, called Sadya by sitting on the floor cross-legged and eating food that has been served on a banana leaf. One has to use fingers to eat instead of cutlery. This is a ritual performed especially during Onam. But many hotels serve Sadya if you make a prior request.

One can have a unique experience of fishing using Chinese fishing nets along with fishermen.

When in Kerala you can try wearing a Kerala saree. These white and golden bordered handloom woven sarees are very traditional and offer a good photo option too. You can take back memories to share with family and friends. Most of the women in Kerala decorate their hair with jasmine flowers. You can also try plucking some flowers and then string them together in the form of a garland and adorn your hair with it.

Enjoy an elephant ride instead of riding cars and bikes. Feel royal while riding an elephant. An elephant ride is a must when you are in Munnar or in Thekkady. Enjoy an Ayurveda massage that is special of Kerala. It is a relaxation for your mind, soul and body. It also soothes you from within. The monsoon is the ideal time to get this type of massage as there are abundant fauna and flora available during this time and is required for this type of treatment.

elephant ride in kerala
Elephant Ride in Kerala

Do not forget to treat yourself to bananas found in Kerala. There are many types of bananas that you are not familiar with. There are many special banana dishes also that are prepared from the bananas that are available locally, like a banana milkshake, ice-cream and the famous banana chips.

Don’t miss to watch the local art forms of Kerala besides Theyyam. Kathakali, Mohiniattam, and Thiruvathira are sure to impress you. Also try to watch Kalaripayattu, a traditional martial art form of Kerala. It is known to be the world’s, one of the oldest forms of self-defence. Enjoy the various styles of kicks and strikes, stunts and fighting postures along with traditional weapons that are used.

Lastly, but definitely not the least. Do get that Kathakali Mask, a beautiful Kerala handicraft, that can be used as a souvenir to adorn a corner of your house or for gifts.

If you are planning a trip to Kerala in November to February, then do read our editor’s personal experience about Kerala with Beautiful photos and Quick Tips.

Things to do in Kerala
Things to do in Kerala by Keshav & Neha