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The sunburn or supersonic comparison is just a bragging case between fans of both festivals, as for the neutral, they are both exciting and explosive music festival where good music is the basic.

“Sunburn[1]” or “Supersonic,” both festivals have an incredible line-up of the best DJs on the planet. This year’s Phase-1 line-up was so stunning. That being said, Sunburn still has the most renowned DJs like David Guetta, Mike and so on. But still there is a very tough competition to become the best music festival in India.

Entry Ticket Fee Comparison

The gate fee for sunburn festival is considerably higher than that of Supersonic. If you don’t mind the expense, then go to Sunburn. Likewise, if you are a big fan of big parties, then Sunburn is definitely the best place for you. But that may bring about an extra cost for your wallet. If you don’t really want to spend much, Supersonic is less costly and affordable.

Picture of the Sunburn festival.
Picture of the Sunburn festival.

Click to see real experiences & real images of Sunburn 2015 Goa[2]

Sunburn’s Quick Success VS Supersonic Slow Progress

Another fact that puts Sunburn ahead of supersonic is that; since the sunburn celebration began in 2007 and developed into one of the main 10 Music celebrations on the planet (as of now on #9). No other celebration has advanced as fast as Sunburn did and pick up the number 1 spot. Sunburn Goa[3] gets DJs from all platforms and sections, from “EDM” to “Trance” to “Trap” to “electro.” And it’s stage arrangement is quite outstanding and their setup is quite the best.

Supersonic is gradually gaining recognition around the country but not as fast as Sunburn. Sunburn Goa is a three-day festival celebration and it costs some noteworthy measure of cash to be able to enjoy yourself with some good food and lodging through the span of the celebration, but then you wouldn’t feel frustrated about spending that time and cash because you will have a good time out there.

Picture of Supersonic Festival
Picture of Supersonic Festival

Comparing How Both Festivals Connect to the People

Sunburn has a festival in every big city before they pull in the crowd to the mega show at GOA. They additionally have little shows in just schools and colleges. We hear so much about how college students are enjoying these shows, so yeah, they are getting a lot of fans from college shows that come to the City festivals and afterward for the mega show in Goa, so you see it is exceptionally key and efficient. Supersonic hold their in a single location which reduce their connection to the local people. Sunburn, is really trending around the whole country right now and thus remains the best EDM in India

Best Music Festival in India
Best Music Festival in India

Image Credit : The Quint

Comparing their Variety of Music

Sunburn doesn’t simply stick to EDM alone. It differentiates the music for the audience to encounter different sorts of electronic music and give them new ideas on the diverse classes of music we have. The audience is completely overwhelmed with it and it is without a doubt the best festival celebrated in India. On the other hand, Supersonic focuses generally on EDM (Supersonic India) and is kind of new in India in contrast to Sunburn and its arrangement is not as exciting as Sunburn. Without a doubt, there are some directors at Sunburn who’ve joined Supersonic and so forth because it’s a new adventure, but the show will require more of these individuals to get it to the stature of Sunburn Goa. They (supersonic) are great as well, no doubt about that, but due to the rating that Sunburn has right now and the acceptance that they’re getting from all over, Supersonic appears to be somewhat a little bit behind. In any case, I’m certain Supersonic will get better in the next few years; no doubt, I trust it will be as great. Yet, Supersonic need more assets and audience-pulling techniques to get to the stature that Sunburn is.

Different types of Music in an EDM
Different types of Music in an EDM

Image Credit : Quora
Nevertheless, as we know that both of these 2 festivals are entirely great and fun to watch, however, Sunburn Goa has a much eloquent music show and the experience is always magical. Therefore it’s indeed the best music festival in India.

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