Things to do phuket and krabi
Things to do phuket and krabi

Phuket and Krabi are two of the most visited destinations of Thailand. In recent times, tourism from India to Thailand has increased a lot and these 2 destinations have become the most visited destination by most of the people . You can do a lot of things on these 2 beautiful islands. From my personal experience, you should spend at least 8-12 days in these 2 places only to enjoy each and everything around.

So, here are some of the top things to do in Phuket and Krabi

Nightlife & Clubs at Bangla Street

If you are a party lover, then Bangla Street is a must visit. Ultra-happening clubs and pubs with beautifully lighted street. Enjoy a beer and awesome music. Watch out the video below :

Pub Hopping

Hop from one pub to another. Have one beer here and then another beer there. Enjoy the night, but beware of those fake cabaret show agents. They will follow you everywhere on the street. You will also find few local bands performing at the Patong Beach if you are in Phuket between November to February. They are really good. Check them out here :

Phuket Carnival – Local Band Performing

Phi Phi Island

One of the most favourite day trip of the tourists. You can book a single day trip to Phi Phi Island either on a speed boat, group boat or private boat. It all depends on the money that you want to spend… 😉

We took a group boat to Phi Phi Island via our travel agent in India. But now I would suggest not to book your Island tours from India or your home country. It would be cheaper if you book it in Thailand only and you will find a lot of options to choose from.

Stay Lazy at Krabi (Explore local)

Krabi is much more relaxing and laid back as compared to Phuket. We visited Krabi in the second half of our trip so that we can spend our second half of the trip in leisure and not make it much hectic.

Try local food, local markets, local drinks there. Bargain to get a better rate, apply you Indian skills..;) . Visit quite beaches and enjoy the beautiful sunsets. We stayed in Aao Nang at Krabi Beach Resort.

Use local transport its much cheaper than those overpriced Tuk Tuks and cabs. Local transport is quite safer. We used the local bus from Aao Nang to Krabi Town almost daily for 2-3 days.

Local Transport in Krabi

Otherwise you can also rent a scooter, but their deposit amount is too much. They ask for 3000 to 3500 Baht as a security or you have to keep you original passport with them (which is not at all a good idea for an international travel)

Thai Body Massage

This is one of the best thing that I would say everyone should definitely try out. There are a lot of good Thai massage parlours in Krabi. We used them 3-4 times in our entire trip. Trust me, its so relaxing and very different from the thai massages that are done in India.

Four Island Tour

Well, I personally loved this tour in my entire trip. We actually did this trip twice. First one was called “Four Island Tour” which was booked by our Indian travel agent and again it was a group tour and then the Second one which we booked ourselves locally was actually a 7 island tour and that too on a Private Long Tail Boat.

Private Longtail Boat for 4-7 Island Tour

Obviously, the second one was wonderful, as we had a private boat and we have our own driver, whom we can ask to stop to any Island we want. The best Island on this entire tour for us was Tup Island. It’s an isolated island with pure nature everywhere. It’s also a great place to snorkel (if you don’t know swimming) and see various colourful fishes and coral. The water is not too deep and you can really enjoy it.

Other points in this tour are :

Pranang Beach : Beautiful views and you can visit Pra Nang Cave here.

Pra Nang Cave

Chicken Island : It is one of the best snorkelling point. But water is quite deep here. You can snorkel here if you know basic swimming. Although your boat will provide you life jacket.

Chicken Island

Poda Island : Here you will get lunch and you can relax here for some time. This island has one restaurant where most of the boats stop to have lunch.

Railay Beach : Beautiful quiet beach to spend some quality time.

Try Street Food & Local Thai Cuisine

Enjoy local street food of Thailand. They have a lot of veg and non-veg food items to try out. From our opinion you should must try the following :
– Papaya Salad
– Banana Pan Cake
– Coconut Ice Cream
– Singha Beer
– Thai Curry with Rice
– Fried Banana
– Mango with Sticky Rice

If you are a non-vegeterian then there are a lot of Sea Food options are available there which you should must try out. And if you don’t like Thai Cuisine, then there are a lot of Indian restaurants available everywhere in Phuket and Krabi. Even you can find McDonalds at many places there.


This is one of the activity which I can personally do for hours. I love going inside the water and quietly watching that awesome sea life. You will find a lot of snorkelling points in Krabi and nearby island. I would suggest to keep your 1 day reserve for snorkelling related activities.


So guys that was our list according to our personal experience. I am mentioning few of the important things to carry on your Thailand trip, which will cost you very expensive if you purchase it from Thailand. Better to take them from here only.

Important things to carry on your Thailand Trip

Aqua Shoes or Snorkelling Shoes :

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Some of the beaches are are very rocky and have sea shells which can hurt your feet. It is very necessary to buy Aqua Shoes like mentioned below.

Ocean Bag :

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An ocean bag is a water proof bag which you can carry inside the water too. It is indeed an essential accessory to keep you phone, wallet and camera dry because at some islands you have to walk in the water till your stomach length to reach beaches.

Good Beach Wear Shorts :

You should have extra beach wear shorts to keep yourself dry. It becomes uneasy in wet shorts.

Good Sunglasses :

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Get a good UV protected sunglass with you. It is necessary on sunny days.

Good Sunscreen Lotion :

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A good sunscreen lotion is a must carry on any of your beach holiday. Carry minimum 30SPF+ sunscreen lotion.

DSLR or GoPro :

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Must have a good DSLR camera or a GoPro to capture those wonderful scenes and beautiful beaches.

So that’s it from my side for now. Check out our other below trips too :

Feel free to add your experiences in the comments section below.