Udaipur - City of Love


Udaipur The city of lakes, but I would rather say it a "City of Love" or Venice of India. Believe me, you will get a "Gondola" ride too there, let it be in a motor...
Tent Resorts in Pushkar

Orchard Tents & Tranquility

Orchard Tents & Tranquility Discover the inner side of yours in Pushkar with soothing chants, mantras and ringing bells everywhere with small hilly range of Aravalli. Orchard Tents is one of the finest and an...
Mitawali Shiva Temple

Mitawali : An Inspiration to the design of Indian Parliament house

India has been blessed with such diversity of culture that there are numerous spots worth exploring. Quest to explore took me to Mitawali, which is lying hidden in Chambal region, around 40 km. before...
Lansdowne - Small hill station in Gharwal

Lansdowne – A Paradise Nestled in Garhwal

Getting a grasp of fresh air within the scheduled weekend is a delicacy everyone looks for. One of such destinations is Lansdowne, situated around 250 Km. from Delhi. Being the headquarters of Garhwal Rifles,...
Andaman and Nicobar

Most Popular Travel Destinations in India- Top Tourist Attractions

Travel Destinations in India- Looking for top tourist attractions in India? India is a seventh largest country in the world stretching from a tropical city like Kerala to the mountains of Himalayas. It is...
offbeat places in meghalaya

Unseen Meghalaya – Hidden Treasures, Offbeat Places in Meghalaya

This blog is all about our real life experiences about exploring a beautiful gem of north east and offbeat places in Meghalaya. We have divided this experience into 4 parts or episodes...
Offbeat Places in Kullu

Malana : The Forbidden Land of Kullu | Offbeat Places in Kullu

We are living in the year 2016 and it will be hard to imagine about places which are still lying disconnected from the mainland. And if such a spot is close the much acclaimed...
20 Outstanding Travel Destinations To Explore Before You Die

20 Outstanding Travel Destinations To Explore Before You Die

Getting old and didn’t get a chance to travel around the World? In your job life, you are pissed off with your life and find it hard to concentrate on your work. Am I...
Kalimpong travel in summer

Cheap Summer Travel: 20 Best Summer Travel Destinations For Travelers In India

Cheap Summer Travel Destinations- Do you want to visit some cool summer travel destinations during the summer in India? Are you getting bored in your home in this summer? Do you want to come out from...
Bottle Beach - Unexplored beaches of thailand

Bottle Beach, Koh Pha Ngan – Unexplored Beaches of Thailand | Offbeat Beach in...

The Unexplored Beaches of Thailand During my time travelling around South East Asia with my best friend, we explored all of the well trodden areas on the popular backpacker routes; bumping into friends from England...