Dapoli, I must say a very beautiful town in the district of famous Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, especially known for famous Alphonso (Hapus) mangoes and its clean and clear beaches. It is also known as “Mini Mahabaleshwar” of Maharashtra. Dapoli is situated at the height of 800 – 1000 ft above sea level in a mountain range which is separated from Sahyadri mountain range.

The cool and pleasant climate in Dapoli, very close proximity to beaches and a very long coastal line of nearly 50 KMs makes it one of the best destination to spend some quality time with some of the finest beaches in Konkan like Ladghar, Karde, Harnai, Anjarle, Kelshi.Also read :

Also Read :

Dapoli and its beaches in Maharashtra have managed to remain somehow untouched and unspoiled from the tourists crowds and are amongst the cleanest ones on the entire west cost of India. There are number of things to do in Dapoli especially for nature lovers, who can indulge themselves in exploring the hiking trails in the nearby jungles, do bird watching, see Dolphins and Sea Turtle Conservation Project. There are few ancient temples, forts, caves and hot springs nearby.

Trust me! Dapoli is way better than dirty & crowded Goa Beaches & especially Alibaug which is too much crowded these days. Kashid beach you can try near Alibaug which is much better than rest.

Our Road Trip from Pune to Dapoli (Ladghar Beach)

We decided to start from Pune at 11am. Dapoli or our destination Ladghar beach which is around 6-7 hours drive from Pune. From Pune to Dapoli we decided the choose the route via Mulashi and Tamhini Ghat.

Our Route from (Pune to Ladghar)
Aundh(Pune) -> Bushi Dam (Lonavala) -> Mulashi -> Tamhini Ghat -> Dapoli -> Ladghar Beach

We suggest everyone to choose that route if you are really a nature lover. It’s a very beautiful drive with mesmerising landscapes. The roads till Tamhini are fine, however the condition of roads gets bad after Tamhini, the number of potholes were more than the number of vehicle on that dirt track. It’s quite difficult to shift to top gear for a long stretch.

Short Detour to Bhushi Dam (Near Lonavala) & some beautiful landscapes on the way.

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Finally, at around 9PM we reached Ladghar. It took us almost 10 hours because we stopped at Bushi Dam and took few short breaks too. We have already booked this beautiful cottage (Bangli – The finest Konkan Living) right on the Ladghar Beach. Trust me, it’s one of the most beautiful and great property on Ladghar Beach to spend a comfortable stay with your loved ones. Obviously, I should not forget to mention it’s very friendly and wonderful host “Ameya Bal

There are several activities available at nearby beaches, we visited in the monsoon months hence we were not able to try them and we decided to enjoy the off season’s solitude of our own.

The Ladghar Beach

The Ladghar beach is a very peaceful, less crowded beach of Dapoli. At that time because of monsoon the tides were a little high but overall it was quite calm. The water was not much clear at that time because of too much rains, but still it was way better than those overcrowded beaches of Goa and other popular tourist destinations. Ladghar Beach and other beaches in Dapoli are one of the unexplored beaches in India.

Mentioning few of the key things that makes it a great destination to spend some peaceful & quality time.

Clear water

As I have already mentioned, unlike other beaches of India, Ratnagiri / Dapoli beaches are quite clean & clear. One can enjoy a lot of leisure time here like just reading a book quietly or not at all doing anything apart from just watching the beauty of the waves.

Less Crowded

As they are not much touristy, hence you will not find a lot of crowd here. For us it was indeed a great experience as we always look for our own private areas where we can go and enjoy the nature all alone.

Nice & affordable Homestays & Private Cottages

You will find pretty decent and affordable homestays and AirBnBs here. Do not expect any kind of luxury but they are still equipped with various modern facilities like wi-fi, ample parking space, clean washrooms & good rooms to stay. Also the cherry on the pie is, they are all located right on the beach.

Easy to drive from Pune & Mumbai

Ladghar is easy to drive from both Pune and Mumbai. It will take around 6-7 hours to reach there from any of the side you start. You will experience beautiful landscapes and totally green surroundings on the way, if you travel between June to September. Although that is monsoon period, but it is worth to be trying.