11 Essential Road Trip Accessories under Rs. 1500/- that you must buy

by Keshav | June 18, 2018 12:56 pm

Did I just said Essential Road Trip Accessories? Well, yes.

It is the best gift you can give yourself if you breakout of the hectic schedule of your busy life and pamper yourself with a trip in the arms of mother nature. I make sure I do it once a while, as I find my peace and equanimity in travelling.

When I initially started my road trips[1], I swear I hated it as the experience was to exhausting and frustrating. Every-time I felt like a newbie, who’d forget one thing or the other.

From all the lessons I’ve learnt, I’ve come up with the 11 most essential road trip accessories under INR 1500 so that you can have the best travel experiences without much affect to your pocket.

Hence, now after several travelling experiences I’ve come up with my complete gear guide when planning for a road trip in any corner of India. That’ll give you the feeling of a Pro-Traveller that you’d been waiting for, go with these shortlisted items on your next road trip and you’ll definitely thank me later…..;)

Top 11 List of Essential Road Trip Accessories (2018 Updated List)

1. Car Power Inverter[2]

ZAAP® Three port Turbo Car charger

This is one of the most essential road trip accessories when travelling especially for long drive – road trips. It will turn your car into a powerful AC outlet that’ll cater to the energy needs of all your gadgets. The key reason for which I use this product while travelling is that it has 3 USB ports and turbo charging with a 25 watt charger plug that makes it the perfect fit for my travel kit.

ZAP-Car-Inverter – Price Range : Rs. 1300 to 1400 Approx.

Targus APV018AP 200W AC Automotive Power Inverter

Though, now I’ve upgraded to another power inverter as along with all the features of my previous car power inverter, with the new one I also get the option to charge my laptop while travelling. Trust me on this, it is a major add on as in my last trip it was able to charge my laptop, camera battery, ipad and two iPhones. I upgraded to it because of increased functionality and over-temperature & surge protection.

Targus-Power-Inverter – Price Range : Rs. 2700 to 2900 Approx.

2. Multi-port Charging Dock[3]

Portronics POR 343 UFO Home Charger 6 Ports

I thought that having a car power inverter will quench my travel thirst but later I realised that if I want to speed up the process then a Multi-port charging dock is required. This one is the perfect fit that is handy, saves space and has 6 USB ports with 8A output. Not only on my road trips but even in the hotels, I don’t have to look for plug points to charge all my devices, all I need to do is connect them to this multi-port charging dock. 

Multi-Port-Charging-Dock – Price Range : Rs. 1000 to 1200 Approx.

3. Car Mount Mobile Holder[4]

ZAAP® QUICKTOUCH Car Mount mobile holder

Navigation is something I use the most in my road trips to make sure I’m on the right track and to make the process easy and handy using a car mount is a must. The one I use comes with the quick trigger button and is compatible with almost all mobile devices so that when I switch my mobile device , I can still continue using my car mount and my road trips stay awesome!

ZAP-Car-Mount-Mobile-Holder – Price Range : Rs. 1000 to 1200 Approx.

4. Portable Bluetooth Speakers[5]

Marsboy Portable Bluetooth Speaker Mini Bluetooth Speaker

When travelling you need good sound to keep you energised. Though, for my road trips I thought I don’t need external speakers because I have a fancy stereo system in my car but when I was exploring outside my car, I missed having the good quality sound and that convinced me on getting a portable bluetooth speakers. After I got them, I realised that they were the ones I’ve been missing throughout with upto 12 hours of battery life and over 300 songs, my road trips were now sorted. 

Marsboy-Portable-Bluetooth-Speaker –  Price Range : Rs. 1300 to 1500 Approx.

JBL GO Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

However, I upgraded to JBL because one of my fellow traveller friend suggested me as he used it himself. So, I thought of giving it a try so that I give you the perfect guide for your road trips. Once I switched I couldn’t go back as it is a level above the Marsboy, though I use that as well but prefer JBL because of better and more powerful sound quality.

JBL-GO-Portable-Wireless-Bluetooth-Speaker – Price Range : Rs. 2400 to 2600 Approx.

5. Thermal / Vacuum Flasks[6]

Cello Lifestyle Stainless Steel Flask, 1000ml

Most common issue I faced initially, was thirst. Believe it or not, while on a road trip you’ll not find water bottles after every kilometre. Let me break it to you, you have to plan accordingly to be the smart traveller you always wanter to be. I also realised it after almost 4-5 trips. Then, I got this flask in which I can carry cold water or hot coffee to keep me up on my trip. 

Cello-Stainless-Steel-Flask – Price Range : Rs. 700 to 800 Approx.

Hydro Flask Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle

I upgraded to this because I have rather long road trips and to carry hot coffee or cold water is a must. This flask has really good reviews and promised keeping my coffee hot for more than 6 hours and water cold for almost a day. And, I’m glad it lives upto my expectations till date. Initially, I was resilient as I thought its a little over priced for a flask but after using it, I can’t go back. Such comfort!

Hydro-Flask-Bottle – Price Range : Rs. 6000 to 12000 Approx.

6. Wet Wipes[7]

Coleman Bio Wipes

These are the biodegradable wet wipes that you’ll need for staying clean and fresh throughout your road trip. I chose these because they are biodegradable and that helps minimising the impact on environment.

Coleman-Bio-Wipes – Price Range : Rs. 350 to 400 Approx.

Kara Refreshing Facial Wipes

Though, when not available I prefer using the Kara Wipes as they offer fresh fragrance and good quality. They are easily available at the nearest store and getting a refill to them is not a big problem. Having wet wipes really helps a lot on road trips and one should never settle with tissues instead putting an effort to getting wet wipes always pays off on your trips.

Kara-Face-Wipes – Price Range : Rs. 290 to 330 Approx.

7. Swiss Knifes[8]

Victorinox White Swiss Army Knife

This 91mm swiss knife was an amazing addition to my road trip travel kit. Instead of going for a bottle opener then a screwdriver and then a knife, you can just get a swiss knife and it’ll serve all the possible purposes you might have on your road trip. It did wonders for me in saving space and making me quick travel ready as now I don’t have to look for too many things, this handy swiss knife does it all. 

Victorinox-White-Swiss-Army-Knife – Price Range : Rs. 1200 to 1300 Approx.

Stanley 12-In-1 Multi Tool

After a couple of road trips, I upgraded to this swiss knife as it came with a nice carry pocket and served more than the pervious one. From 6 to now 12 in 1 multi-tool kit I had in one swiss knife, that would enhance my road trip experience and as I expected, it happened. One time I needed a wire cutter as I had some issue with my car and I had a little trouble with my previous swiss knife then later when I upgraded with this one, I realised it could’ve been much easier if I had it that time. Now, if I want to set up lights for camping, its an easy process thanks to this travel gear.

Stanley-12in1-Multi-Tool – Price Range : Rs. 800 to 900 Approx.

8. Portable Car Jack (One of the most Essential Road Trip Accessories)[9]

FABTEC Riaan/Leo Heavy Duty Hydraulic Bottle Jack

Yes, I love road trips, I adore my car and take good care of it but despite this some unexpected & unfavourable circumstances just show up right in front of me, this car jack has helped me in many such situations. It can lift upto 2 tons of weight, which heavily reduces my effort when trying to change the tyres and hence i included it in my list as one of the most essential road trip accessories. Thankfully, it is very easy to use and I haven’t actually felt the need to change or upgrade it. It is just the perfect fit.

Portable-Hydraulic-Jack (Most essential road trip accessories)[10]
Portable-Hydraulic-Jack – Price Range : Rs. 1200 to 1500 Approx.

9. Car Seat Organiser[11]

Car Back Seat Mounted Hanging Organizer

The part I hate about road trips is when I have to look for things when I need them. In my initial trips, the worst part was that despite having everything, when I wanted to use it, I couldn’t find it. I can’t put to words my level of frustration. Then, I found this car seat organiser online that has done wonders for me as with it I’m able to curate everything. Now, I have designated pockets for everything I carry with me and I can get to what I need in less than 60 seconds.

Car-Seat-Organiser – Price Range : Rs. 1200 to 1300 Approx.

10. Tyre Inflator or Air Pump[12]

Mini Tire Inflator RCP-D17D

If you need the best experience and less trouble in your road trips then you better make sure the air levels of your tyres. I always keep them in check so that I get the best driving experience on my long drives. A compact lightweight air pump will ensure you have safe and amazing road trips in those hilly areas where you’ve always wanted to go. I keep it in my car at all times, even when I’m going to work as this is something you might need anytime of the day or night.

Mini-Tyre-Inflator – Price Range : Rs. 1200 to 1400 Approx.

Michelin 12264 Digital Micro Tyre Inflator

I later switched to this tyre inflator because this one is digital and more accurate. Once I was travelling with one of my friends and saw him using it. I borrowed it for one of my trips and I could never go back to my old one though it never had a problem but this one is just better.

Micro-Michelin-Tyre-Inflator – Price Range : Rs. 2600 to 2800 Approx.

11. Car Tyre Puncture Kit[13]

Romic Premium Tubeless Tyre Puncture Kit

This one is something you should have even if you’re not a traveller. You definitely know what I’m referring to when I say, tyres can puncture anywhere and its a real nightmare to find anyone to fix it.

Most of the times, I’ve either faced a shop with a shutter down or a shop way too far. To add to the misery, if you ask someone to come fix the puncture then the rates they charge are mind boggling. So, I rather invested few bucks and saved myself all the hassle once and for all.

Car-Tyre-Puncture-Kit – Price Range : Rs. 399 to 450 Approx.

I’m sure you’re trips will be much-much better after you get all these gears on board. Share your road trip experiences and tell me what are your top gears you can’t travel without. Also, please feel free to comment below and suggest more accessories if I am missing something.

By the way, don’t drink and drive, stay safe. Happy travelling!

Share your Road Trip Experience & Win!
Share your Road Trip Experience & Win!
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