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by Neo Cesha | May 27, 2017 2:59 pm

Why Seychelles is one of the best Honeymoon Destinations outside India?

A little about us & our decision :

A Serial Entrepreneur | Avid Traveller | Explorer and a nature lover, but like every couple I was also very confused when it was our time to plan for our dream honeymoon. Planning a holiday(specially your honeymoon) is not at all an easy task if you are really passionate about your travel. We never wanted to visit those overcrowded traditional honeymoon destinations in South Asia. We always wanted a place where we could give time to ourselves and cherish our memories. We really did a lot of research read so many forums, searched loads of websites, talked to a lot of travel agents. Finally! Seychelles, Fiji & Giethoorn were the 3 destinations, which we shortlisted, so then may be because of limited funds, and lesser formalities we zeroed down to Seychelles. Trust me after reading our story you would really consider it to be the Best honeymoon destinations outside India.

best International Destination for Honeymoon[1]
Praslin (Seychelles), Tropical Heaven

What does travel and these trips mean to us?

Travelling is a “therapy” for me and my better half. We call us travel snobs, And we are on a mission to discover the World’s most underrated and beautiful places. We focus on all the nitty-gritty details of planning, finding & getting into an unexplored destination to experience its virginity. You could check our all of our trips at

How we booked it :

Well, its always tough to plan when you are looking for one of the best beach honeymoon destinations outside India. Our Seychelles honeymoon tour package was booked via one of the website which we found on internet. We decided and asked them to do all the formalities and booking for the whole process as we don’t wanted to do everything of our own as we were busy in our wedding preparations. We discussed several itineraries as per our requirements with them and then we selected the best one from them which i am going to write below. So now we were ready for our special trip to take place.

Ahh..! So here it is, Our Beautiful Trip to one of the Best Foreign Destination for Honeymoon from India Starts :

Day 1 : At Seychelles, the tropical paradise

We arrived at Seychelles International Airport at 08:15AM Seychelles Local Time. Our flight was from Mumbai International Airport in the morning 5:15AM Indian Time. Indian Time Zone is 1.5hrs ahead of Seychelles. So, it was a 4 hour flight from Mumbai. We belong to Delhi basically, we flew to Mumbai in the night and then took an early morning flight to Mahe (Capital Island of Seychelles).

Speed Boat[2]
Speed Boat

On Reaching the Airport our Travel Agent’s representative welcomed us and provided us the boarding passes for the Cat Cocos Ferry which was for our Transfer to Praslin (Second Largest Island of Seychelles). So our trip actually started from Praslin, According to us, it is one of the best place to stay in seychelles.
The ferry from Mahe to Praslin was very good, Well I will tell you about the clear water of the sea later in this post, but the ferry trip was also a worth enjoying trip. We reached Praslin in another 45 mins and from “Jetty” port in Praslin again we were picked by our travel representative to escort us to our resort.

Sunset at Praslin[3]
Sunset at Praslin

Well, I must say our resort was also a very good choice, We chose Hotel Coco de Mer – Black Parrot Suites thanks to our hard work in research and thanks to our Travel Agent too. Coco de Mer is one of the best resorts in seychelles specially, if you are going as a couple. We were welcomed by the resort staff with a tempting welcome drink and we Checked-In. Rest of the Day 1 we spent near the hotel and exploring the local place.

Sunset at Praslin[4]
Sunset at Praslin

Day 2 : Super incredible Anse Lazio beach & more

Alright, after having some fun leisure time on the resort’s beach and exploring nearby area, it was time to start our Day 2. Our resort provided us a complimentary visit to one of the most famous beach of Praslin i.e. Anse Lazio. So, early morning we enjoyed the beauty of that crystal clear beach with awesome panoramic views. We also saw the very rare Aldabra Giant Tortoise near the beach. They are basically from the islands of the Aldabra Atoll in the Seychelles.

Anse Lazio Beach[5]
Anse Lazio Beach

We had some local Creole Food from the beach shack and tasted the local drink “SeyBrew” which was worth to be experienced.
Climatic conditions are generally humid all over the day so we decided to come back to the resort in the afternoon and planned to explore the nearby village when the sun is a little low.

Aldabra Giant Tortoise[6]
Aldabra Giant Tortoise

We then went to the nearby village (Grand Anse) by boarding a local bus. It will cost you SCR 5/- only per person which is equal to Rs. 28/- in India.

Chilling at Anse Lazio
Chilling at Anse Lazio

The normal working hours in Seychelles are 8:30am to 4:30pm…..Wow really?? and you wont believe weekends are also off….:D . (wish we could have the same here too) Although most of the shops and local markets were closed but We did explored the village and interacted to some locals too. We found a Pakistani cum Indian guy’s owned Restaurant there where we luckily had a Margharita Pizza with local Domino’s wala touch…;)

Walk on the beach[7]
Walk on the beach

After that we came back to our resort and enjoyed the moonlight under the beautiful beach deck of our resort.

Day 3 : Visit to our Dream Island Village (La Digue)

Unforgettable! indeed it was the most memorable day for us. Well your Seychelles trip is incomplete without visiting “La-Digue”. A very small island village with population of just few thousand people, few cars and you are there to rent a bicycle to explore the whole island, paddling inside each and every corner you can get into.

Cycling at La-Digue[8]
Cycling at La-Digue

We reached La-digue at around 10 AM local time by a ferry from Praslin. Praslin to La-digue is just 15 mins from a super fast boat. We rented bicycles there and got an island map too which helped us a lot to find ways and explore each corner of the island.

Aldabra Tortoise at La Digue Island[9]
Aldabra Tortoise at La Digue Island

La-digue is very quite and laid back island, full with nature, beautiful beaches, neat and clean surroundings with loads of peace to relax and get lost. We spent our full day there and tried to explore each and every thing about it. Unfortunately, we had to board our ferry back to Praslin at 4:30PM as it was the last ferry for the day, so time was our enemy at that day and we had to leave that paradise without experiencing it more.

Day 4 : Exploring Praslin on 4 wheels

Day 4 was actually very exciting, We hired a self drive car from there. Its very easy to get a self drive car in Seychelles. Also, you do not need any international license for it. You can use your country’s license and roam around freely. The car’s are super clean there, I mean no dents, no scratches anywhere unlike in India…..;)

Self Drive Car on the Beach
Self Drive Car on the Beach

So we took Hyundai i10 and it was for 50 Euros per day. Most of the cars are of automatic there and roads are also very good with less traffic. We decided to explore Praslin on 4 wheels and experience the local flavors.

Beautiful Beach Front
Beautiful Beach Front

We visited local villages, local shops, tried authentic Creole Cuisine. The people are very helpful & polite, they help you in finding ways and getting on the right roads to reach your destination.

Beautiful Anse Lazio
Beautiful Anse Lazio

We visited Anse Lazio again today and relaxes in the Sun. The water in all the beaches in Seychelles is very clear. Its so clear that at some place you can even see the surface of the sea. Its very good for Scuba diving and Snorkeling.

Beautiful Anse Lazio
Beautiful Anse Lazio

There is also a very small domestic airport in Praslin where you can see small planes taking off and landing on/from the same road where normal traffic moves. Isn’t it interesting?

Day 5 : Praslin to Mahe

Our Day 5 was to say good bye to beautiful and silent Island Praslin and our Resort (Coco-De Mar) too. Our next destination was the capital island Mahe. This day was quite hectic as we have to Check-Out and travel to the other island. So we had our breakfast at the resort in the morning. The breakfast at all the good resorts in Seychelles is of international standard and you will get a lot of varieties to fill your stomach in the morning. Although, lunch and dinner buffets are quite expensive in most of the resorts. It might cost you Rs. 3500/- to Rs. 5000/- per person.

A silent beach in Mahe
A silent beach in Mahe

Also, due to less water supply in the islands, none of the hotel provides complimentary drinking water. You have to buy water either from the hotel/resort or from the local supermarkets. Resort’s water bottles are quite expensive, so we always took our water stock from the supermarkets…;)

Avani Barbons
Avani Barbarons

Our next destination was Avani Barbarons, one of the best resorts of Mahe. We took ferry from Praslin at 3:15 pm in the afternoon and reached Mahe Port at around 4:00 PM. From there our tour guide escorted us and we reached the resort at around 4:30. We did all the formalities and checked in.

Private Beach at Avani Barbarons
Private Beach at Avani Barbarons

The rest of the day we spent enjoying the facilities of the property and enjoying the beautiful sunset on the private beach of the resort.

Day 6 : Exploring Mahe and Eden Island

We again rented a self drive car here too, but this time we took it for 2.5 days. In Mahe, the prices of self drive cars are a little bit expensive than Praslin. By doing some negotiations & bargaining { In our blood….Indians….;) }, we managed to get the car for 125 Euros.

View of Sea from a Mountain Top
View of Sea from a Mountain Top

Mahe is a little bit crowded as compared to Praslin, may be because it’s the capital and all government and private offices are in this island only. So, we started our car today and started exploring Mahe. We got a map from our tour guide, although it was very old and confusing map, but it sometimes helped us in finding a right route.

Tea Factory in Mahe
Tea Factory in Mahe

We first visited the Tea Factory of Mahe, Tea is planted and produced at a good scale here. We got a chance to visit the factory and see the actual tea making process, Seychelles specialty is Vanilla Tea and also they grow Vanilla a lot. You will see Vanilla and tree plantation everywhere.

After that we drove all the way downtown towards Victoria. Victoria is a very small city or we could say a town. It looks like a very well planned city, with all major offices, banks and government institutions there. There were also few restaurants where we had some good food. There was a local flea market where we bought some stuff for our use and also bought some souvenirs.

Victoria City
Victoria City

In the evening we decided to visit Eden Island, its actually an artificial/man-made island which could look like a residential complex with a shopping mall inside it. There were very beautiful apartments there, where people live. There was one Indian restaurant by the name of “Maharaja’s” where we enjoyed some Indian food on the beachside.

Eden Island, Victoria (Seychelles)
Eden Island, Victoria (Seychelles)

At around 7 PM we decided to go back to our resort as everything gets closed after 6 PM there. The forest roads were very dark but it was really fun and adventurous to drive on those streets in the night without any traffic. Both the islands are quite safe and you can go anywhere you want, but in the night you will not find anything open. So I would say there is no nightlife there, you will not find any night clubs or pubs there (Unlike Goa). Although there are few night clubs in Mahe but they opens only Wednesday to Saturday.

Day 7 : Snorkelling (A Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara wala Experience) & Island Hopping

So, this was another exciting day for us as we planned to explore the beaches of Mahe. We woke up early in the morning enjoyed the sunrise at our resort’s private beach and had our breakfast. Then we went out in our car to visit the beaches. At one of the beach we booked a Island hopping and Snorkeling trip for us with one of the local boat there. It cost us around 110 Euros, but I must say it was worth of it.

Island Hopping
Island Hopping

He took us in a private boat which was actually a “Glass Bottom Boat”. We could see everything inside the see from the boat’s flooring which was actually a glass floor.

Trying to drive Glass Bottom Boat
Trying to drive Glass Bottom Boat

He took us in the middle of the Indian Ocean and provided us all the equipment to snorkel. We both were were new to snorkelling and we even do not know swimming too, so he provided us life jackets and helped us to snorkel. As the ocean was very deep in the middle so we got a little bit panicked as it was our very first time without any swimming experience.

honeymoon destinations outside india
Glass Bottom Boat

So the guy suggested us to go in some shallow water where water is not much deep and waves are also a bit quite. He took us to a human-less remote Island where there was nobody except us. And then he gave us all the equipment again to snorkel, It was worth a “Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara” kind of experience. We could actually see hundreds of colorful small and big fishes very near to us. We could even touch them, but they run away very quickly. We spend almost 2 hours there, doing snorkeling and seeing a lot of different species of marine fishes of Indian Ocean. It was indeed one of the best day of our trip.

Snorkelling in Indian Ocean
Snorkelling in Indian Ocean

After that, we came back to the beach from where we rented the boat and then decided to have some food. We filled our empty stomach with some good food (luckily we both were non-vegetarians, although we are not much fans of sea-food) so we did not found much difficulty in adopting the food there. But yes, sometimes it was very difficult.

Last Day : Tough to say Adieu

I never wanted this day would have come, but as like all of the trips, this trip also had a last day. We were low on energy today as were not so happy and thinking if we could stay for some more days here.

honeymoon destinations outside india
Sunset at Avani Barbarons, Mahe

We woke up early and had our breakfast so that we could utilize the remaining time to explore more. Our flight from Mahe to Mumbai was at night 9:55 PM, so we must have to reach airport by 7:40pm or so. Now, we had the entire day with us. We checked-out our resort at 11:00 AM and kept our luggage with the hotel’s luggage room.

Avani Barbarons
Avani Barbarons

We took out our car again and decided to follow the opposite route today and go to Victoria side again. We left at around 12:00PM and started exploring the hidden beaches, although there is nothing like hidden beaches there, the whole island is surrounded by beautiful beaches everywhere. We went to Beau Vallon Beach, enjoyed our lunch there and relaxed for sometime. Then we headed towards victoria again to do some city photography and get some souvenirs for friends and family.
At around 4:30PM we decided to get back to the resort and enjoy the sunset till our pick-up van comes for the airport. We reached resort a around 5:15 PM and then sat on the beach to cherish the nature’s beauty.

The Goodbye Cocktail on the Beach
The Goodbye Cocktail on the Beach

At around 7:00PM our pick-up van came and we do not have any option to at last say goodbye to this beautiful paradise of Indian Ocean. We reached airport at around 7:45PM and finally boarded our flight at around 9:55PM to Mumbai.

WOW moments during the trip!

– Bicycle Safari at La-Digue Island.
– Snorkeling in the middle of Indian Ocean & near the human-less island.
– Driving on the beautiful roads of the paradise with your loved one.
– Enjoying very beautiful and crystal clear beaches.

Low moments during the trip!

– Overall, no negative experiences. But it could not be a very good option for Party Animals.
– Food is something which could be a problem for Vegetarians or who do not like hardcore sea food or hard meat. Also, food/meals are a little bit expensive here.

Most Cherished Memories

Trip was wonderful, Seychelles is truly a paradise and we must say the best International Destination for Honeymoon. The most precious memories were to rent bicycles at La-Digue Island and get lost. Another memories were snorkeling in Indian Ocean, enjoying creole food and exploring the islands by a self drive car.

Well there were too many memories, actually every moment we spent there is an unforgettable memory for both of us. It was not only because it was our honeymoon trip, it was the serenity of the destination or shall I say the purity and naturalness of the islands. We spent many hours sitting on a virgin & isolated beach where there was no-one excluding us. We enjoyed our privacy with nature and sea waves.

Tips for Travellers

– Planning is very important for any trip if you want it organized. Its not only about booking tickets and stays, you should actually make a to-do list by doing some research on internet for each day you want to do at your destination, It really helps to utilize all of your days and have a memorable trip. But if you love backpacking kind of style, then you don’t have to worry about it.

– Choose your travel destination according to your taste, take help from experts and listen to their advices. But I would also suggest to do a lot of self research too. It really helps to know about your destination and you will be able to explore more out of it.

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