Want to See Snowfall in Manali? Go Kothi – Better than Solang Valley!


Solang Valley is one of the most beautiful tourist destination in Manali and one of the popular place to experience snowfall in winters. But this time we ditched Solang Valley and found a real offbeat gem (Kothi) which is much better than visiting Solang Valley in Manali.

Travel to Manali via Aut Tunnel : Nothing better to welcome new year with snow in our hands, so we started from Delhi on 27th December midnight. As roads till Manali are very good and our calculations went well to touch hills at the first ray of light. Soon we reached the famous AUT tunnel and entered Manali. Our destination was JagatSukh, 5kms from main Manali. Again an offbeat one. Away from all hustle bustle. We reached JagatSukh by 4pm and our bodies were begging to some rest.

Mall Road : Manali visit is incomplete without visiting the famous Mall road. So next day, we did the same. Like every hill station Mall road of Manali is also always crowded. We found this small Buddhist monastery nearby and paid our respect. We spent some time there and then enjoyed delicious food at this small cozy food joint “The Corner House”.

Old Manali Club House : After finishing food, we headed towards Old Manali Club House, again a popular tourist destination. The club house offers a great scenic view on the side. You can also get basic stuff like souvenir shops, food points, handicraft shops etc there. Outside there they have a haunted house, which you can visit and few outdoor activities like zip line, trampoline etc. The way to the clubhouse has lots of shops and food points as well.

Kothi Activities & Snow Slides : In old days, when people used to trek to Rohtang pass, Kothi used to be the camping site for Rohtang. Many still choose to do that. The village is at the base of Rohtang and is also the last village before the pass. Being at a little distance from Manali, most tourists don’t stay here but visit the place especially during snow-time. This is the reason why you won’t find cluttered spaces here and obviously very less crowded than Solang Valley. Kothi has all the activities & views that you find in Solang Valley but yet it is less far from Manali.

Road to Panduropa towards Allain Barrage : The next day we went for some off-roading towards Panduropa & Allain Barrage. Well thanks to our most trusted companion on these tough routes. We went till Allain Barrage, but can’t make any videos there as photography is prohibited on all dams in India.

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