Mitawali : An Inspiration to the design of Indian Parliament house

by Gaurav Verma | November 15, 2015 10:34 am

India has been blessed with such diversity of culture that there are numerous spots worth exploring. Quest to explore took me to Mitawali, which is lying hidden in Chambal region, around 40 km. before Gwalior enroute Agra to Gwalior. This is the place which inspired the design of Indian Parliament house. Situated atop of a hill is a Shiva Temple with circular architecture which is almost similar to that of our parliament house.

You wont believe, even I didn’t till I actually went there and saw it with my eyes that it must be a true Inspiration to the design of Indian Parliament house.

You call it a sheer coincidence or strange coincidence that structure of Indian Parliament house (Sansad Bhawan) has a close resemblance with this temple. To be honest Indian parliament house looks like hugely inspired from the architecture of this temple.

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