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Travel Destinations in India- Looking for top tourist attractions in India? India is a seventh largest country in the world stretching from a tropical city like Kerala to the mountains of Himalayas. It is a land to more than one billion people who speak more than 200 languages. And India also is one of the most all-time favorite tourist places with endless cultures, monuments, landscapes and places to explore. From ancient religious structures, ruins, exotic cities; India is a collection of amazing Travel Destinations in India. This article is about the most amazing tourist destinations in India.

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Top 22 Travel Destinations in India for Travelers:

1. Chadar- frozen river trek

It is a dreamlike destination. Walking on a frozen river can be an amazing experience. It is said to Ladakh’s most thrilling places to have an experience full of adventure. The route of Chadar connects various villages of the Zanskar valley which lies deep in the chilling mountains. This once in a lifetime experience is a must to have in which people can come across breathtaking sites.

Chadar- frozen river trek

2. Markha valley trek

Trekking can be something out of the ordinary from daily life. While visiting, Ladakh this popular trek can be explored. This is one of the best travel destinations in India. This is also known as the teahouse trek. This trek can give any person a hypnotizing experience. The place is filled with scenic beauty and greenery. In the morning people will be able to hear various types of chirping of birds while they trek. For trek enthusiastic people the highest point of the trek is Kongmaru which is 5150m and Gandala La which is 4800m.

Markha valley trek

3. Leh- Manali road trip

It is one of the most thrilling road trips of India. The best place to have experience with friends. Either solo or in groups, this road trip is better than any other road trip. Some amazing adventures are on the way. Magnificent mountains and eye gazing sceneries are on the way. The beauty of nature will blow every mind while having this road trip. The place is one of the best hill stations in India.

Leh- Manali road trip

4. Hawa Mahal

Being one of the popular travel destinations in India the Hawa Mahal is in Jaipur. It is one of the most popular attractions of the city. The Hawa Mahal is a red beauty made of sandstone and is five storeys tall. It is also called the palace of wind. The mahal was made with a purpose where royal women could enjoy the street activities going on outside from a hidden view. The structure has a total of 953 windows. It was constructed in 1799 and attracts many tourists from India as well as from foreign countries.

Hawa Mahal

5. Bandhavgarh National park

Many people are wildlife lovers. Bandhavgarh national park is not a place to disappoint them. It is one of the most favorite national parks as well as a famous tourist places in India. The place has many wildlife creatures for seeing like leopards, sloth bears, barking deer, hyenas, wolves but apart from all these the main attraction is Bengal tiger. The best time to visit the place or spot a tiger is late afternoon or morning.

Bandhavgarh National park

6. Rishikesh

Rishikesh also called the vibrant city is one of the most travelers favorite destinations on the list of travel destinations in India. The place has a lot of things to offer. The place is also known as the yoga capital of India. The place is popular for countless bountiful beauty and adventure options. It is one of the ancient cities of the country. The place offers an endless list of activities to its visitors among which river rafting is the main attraction. Filled with sacred temples, ashrams, ghats and green forests, the city has many things to offer.

rishikesh river rafting

7. Ladakh

It is one of the ideal places for people looking to engulf themselves in nature. It is one of the most exotic destinations present on earth. A must visit a place with friends looking to reunite and spend some quality time. It is one of the top tourist attractions in India. This amazing place is also known as “land of high passes.” It is a very excellent place situated in the north Indian territory of Jammu and Kashmir.

Ladakh travel destinations in india

8. Manali

This place is the most searched places regarding travel destinations in India. The place is filled with snow-capped mountains, serene valleys and cascading waterfalls making it one of the most favorite places of tourists. The course is far better than any other hiking trips in India due to the exotic passing mountains and beautiful towns.

Manali travel destinations in india

9. Agra

One of the most visited places in India by people from every corner of the world. The Taj Mahal is situated in Agra and was built in between 1633 to 1652 by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan. The emperor built the palace in the memory of his late wife, Mumtaz. It is one of the most amazing Mughal architectures and is one of the most attracted tourist places in India. The place is filled with various other beautiful things like buildings, ornamental gardens, flowering bushes and trees and reflecting pools.

agra taj mahal

10. Pushkar

The place has many interesting leftovers of past making it one of the oldest cities in India. The place can satisfy any tourist with its interesting places to explore. Travel tips for enthusiastic people are that there are many places which can be explored to learn about the ancient culture of the place as well as an experience the fairs celebrated here. This place will not let down people looking for some peace.

Pushkar travel destinations in india

11. Shimla

This place doesn’t need an introduction or description. The place can be described as a place of high hills and incandescent beauty. The mountain tracts are unique and spectacular. The mountains are topped with snow as well as a touch of little greenery is also present which makes it even more magnificent. It is an ideal location for some good exercise or even just for a simple break. The place is one of the ideal tourist places in India for winters.

shimla best travel destinations in india

12. Mussoorie

This place is also a must visit because of its soothing mountains. Mussoorie is filled with wonderful and undulating trees secure with trees presenting an amazing view of the great Himalayas. The air quality is very great making it an ideal place for people looking for some peace. The place has attracted many tourists from India as well as from abroad. The place can be said as one of the great tourist places in India for summer.

Mussoorie best travel destinations in india

13. Darjeeling

The town is based in northeast India and is most famous for tea, scenic beauty, and trains. Traveling tips from experts say that apart from exploring the place, tasting the Darjeeling tea is a must. The tea is thin, aromatic, light colored and feels very soothing while drinking. The tea leaves are grown there in the hills. The place also presents a great view of snow covered mountains of the Himalayan foothills. People can come by car ride from the airport or can experience a three-hour journey on the famous “toy train” through the Darjeeling Himalayan railroad.

Darjeeling best travel destinations in india

14. Varkala Beach

It is very popular among tourists and travelers who take a break from their busy life and spend a little time here for sightseeing. The place is filled with sandy beaches but also has impressive cliffs where people can do things like swimming, beachcombing and sunbathing. It has also been named it among the top 10 for seasonal beaches around the world. The place has many other attractions among which mineral springs are popular. These springs are said to purify sins and heal ailments of people swimming in it. There is also a famous temple called the Janardhana Swami temple which approx 2000 years old and is dedicated to Lord Vishnu.

varkala beach best travel destinations in india

15. Goa

The place is filled with the beauty of beaches and is one of the most favored beach stations in India. The place is a must visit young people looking to steam off. They can enjoy the tropical vibrations, late night parties. The place can is ideal for both romantic activities as well as thrilling activities. Many things in Goa can blow the mind of anyone like delicious cuisine or colonial architecture. Goa is a must visit place for people looking to have some fun with friends or just to bask in the sun.

goa beaches

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16. Mumbai

The place is one of the most exotic places in the country. The city that never sleeps is a must visit place for energetic people who constantly want to explore different places. It is a dream city for many people. People can explore various famous spots or can just so some exciting activities like visiting the wax medium or a flying trip over the city. Mumbai has many things to offer and is so big that it may require more than a few days to explore it completely.

travel to mumbai

17. Havelock Island

Havelock Island is the largest island in the Andaman islands. The place is highly maintained with ecotourism. Many tourists come to this island every year to explore its beautiful beaches, scuba diving, and snorkeling experiences. The causal temperature and the beaches can relax any person. The place is one of the best beach destinations. The redhanagae beach on the island is one of the best beaches on the continent. The best time to visit is between January and May.

Havelock Island best beach destinations in india

18. Ooty

The place is nested and filled with greenery and is also known as the “queen of Nilgris.” It is one of the best places to visit during summer due to the foggy weather and cool breeze. The place is situated at the height of 2500m due to which the place has awesome climate all the time. This place is an ideal choice for nature lovers with all the natural elements around and the amazing botanical garden that is spread around 55 acres of land.

ooty tra el destinations in india

19. Andaman and Nicobar

Every year thousands of people take a break from their normal life and come to the Andaman and Nicobar to have an exciting vacation as well as discover this majestic land. This place is one of the most preferred tourist destinations in India. This place is a group of total 572 islands making it a dream destination for many people. The waters of Andaman can amaze anyone. The rich reefs, beautiful fish, kaleidoscopic ocean, submerged boats, ocean life and slopes of volcanic magma, everything about the place are very great. Some people even call it paradise. The place is a major tourist attraction yet being a remote spot.

Andaman and Nicobar

20. Lakshadweep

The place is filled with white sandy beaches, crystal clear blue waters, and palm trees, etc. Lakshadweep is one of the most visited tourist places in India. From floating in water to discovering coral reefs underwater, this place brings heaven to earth. The place is visited by countless tourists from around every corner of the world. People can also learn about the traditional fishing style and local life of Sunni Muslim fishermen living there.

Lakshadweep travel in india

21. Sundarbans

The Sundarbans national park is one of the most visited national parks in India. It is a great place to spend quality time with family and closed ones. UNESCO has declared this place as a world heritage site. The national park is stretched across India and Bangladesh including 54 islands. It is home to largest number of tigers which approximately 400 tigers. Apart from tigers, the place has also other variety of wildlife species like rock pythons, monkey, chital and water monitors, etc.

Sundarbans travel in india

22. Meghalaya

Meghalaya can be said as the land of beautiful scenery formed of streams, high hills, and waterfalls. The place is also called the “Adobe of clouds.” This place should be must check in every traveler’s handbook. The place isolates Assam from neighbouring countries like Bangladesh and is famous for mysterious caves and rocky cliffs. For people who adore rain, it is one of the best tourist places in India for Monsoon in the list of travel destinations in India. The place is home to two of the wettest lands on the planet which are Mawsyram and Cherrapunji. Tourists can experience the snow white mists passing through them as they move along the mountain paths. This place is one of the rare beauties of earth.

Meghalaya ravel destinations in india