This blog is all about our real life experiences about exploring a beautiful gem of north east and offbeat places in Meghalaya. We have divided this experience into 4 parts or episodes and this time we are presenting it to you in form of videos too. Please do watch our videos below and subscribe to our channel on youtube too.

Teaser of our full trip : Unseen Meghalaya – 4 Episodes Series

Part 1 – Day 1 & 2 : Laitlum | Umiam Lake | Police Bazaar in Shillong

Started our day with early morning drive from our hotel to the beautiful Laitlum Valley or Laitlum Grand Canyons. We started a little early so that we can avoid city traffic and get less crowd at Laitlum.

Laitlum is one of the hidden or offbeat places in meghalaya, where many of the traditional tourist do not go. We found it on internet and heard a lot of good things about it. Hence we decided to go there.

Spent 2-3 hours at Laitlum and then decided to visit the famous Umiam Lake. Reached Umiam lake a little late but luckily got tickets to visit Umiam Lake Island. After Umiam Lake we decided to visit the famous Police Bazaar of Shillong to try local cuisine of North East.

Watch our video to experience the beautiful Meghalaya.

Laitlum – Umiam Lake – Police Bazar (Shillong) | Episode 1 – Unseen Meghalaya | Triptude

Part 2 – Day 2 : Elephant Falls | Cherrapunji | Nohwet Village | Living Root Bridge

On our second day, we left Shillong and headed towards Cherrapunji. As we were heading towards Cherrapunji from Shillong, we saw Elephant Fall signboard, so we decided to stop there.

Elephant falls is a famous tourist on the way from Shillong to Cherrapunji. It has actually three waterfalls. Two waterfalls are quite small and there is one big fall which looks like the head of an elephant.

After this we left for our next destination, i.e. Nohwet Village. Nohwet village is also another offbeat places in Meghalaya where very less people stay. It is far from Cherrpunji but very near to Dawki, Mawlynnong (world’s cleanest village) & Bangladesh border.

We stayed in a local homestay by the name Nai Mei Homestay. After 4 hours drive we reached Nohwet a small village of Meghalaya very near to World’s cleanest Village Mawllynnyong.

We did some rest and then suddenly rain welcomed us in the village. We decided to enjoy the rain and take a stroll towards Living Root Bridge. It was near to our Homestay. So, this was end of our Day 2, we decided to hit the bed after having traditional Khasi Dinner. Special thanks to our Host & Homestay Owner “Hali” – Enjoy the video of our dinner and Hali (Our Host) playing Guitar. Watch the video to see our experiences on Day 2.

Elephant Falls – Cherrapunji – Living Root Bridge | Episode 2 – Unseen Meghalaya | Triptude

Part 3 – Day 3 : Trek to Bangladesh Border | Nohwet Village View Point

We started day 3 with a light breakfast at our homestay and then decided to start a beautiful trek with the help of our host “Hali”. He suggested us this Trek and convinced us to do it as it could be a lifetime experience.

The Trek was towards Bangladesh border and was about 1.5 to 2 hrs long. And it was a dense green forest covered with natural vegetation, fruits and local spices.

At last after almost 2 hrs of difficult downhill trekking, we reached this heavenly river, must watch the beautiful views of that river in our video below.

Then, after crossing the river bridge we reached till Bangladesh border. No video or photography was allowed at border hence we were not able to shoot anything there. We even entered a local Bangladeshi Market but didn’t go much far as we were not locals. After returning from the trek, we were tired and decided to do some rest. And then in evening we went to this beautiful View point, which was just 100 metres from our homestay (Nai Mei). Just check out some of the mesmerising views there in the video below.

Trek to Bangladesh Border – Nohwet Village View Point | Episode 3 – Unseen Meghalaya | Triptude

Part 4 – Day 4 : Krang Suri Waterfall & Umngot / Dawki River (Shnongpdeng)

We again started day 4 by leaving our homestay early morning as we had to drive around 1.5 hours to reach Krang Shuri waterfalls. Its always good to reach there early to avoid the tourist crowd.

We reached Krang Suri at around 9 am, there was little crowd at that time. We entered the Krang suri waterfall, bought entry tickets and did a small trek on the way. It was an easy trek, as there were proper pavements and way till Krang Suri waterfall. Spent a good amount of time at Krangsuri water fall, did swimming in the fall too. We left Krang Shuri Waterfalls at around 2 PM and headed towards Shnongpdeng.

Shnongpdeng is a small village and another hidden or offbeat places in Meghalaya at Umngot River, which is also known as Dawki River. We avoided Dawki Village Point, as its very crowded. The Umngot or Dawki river is same at both the points. Its much better at Shnongpdeng in terms of views and less crowd. We did Kayaking there, the water was so clean. You can check that out in the video below.

We left Dawki river at around 5:30 PM and headed back to Nohwet Village.

Watch our video to experience the beautiful Krang Suri & Dawki River.

Krang Shuri Waterfall & Umngot / Dawki River (Shnongpdeng) | Episode 4 – Unseen Meghalaya | Triptude