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by Keshav | September 12, 2017 8:07 am

Going for a wildlife safari has been always excited for me. I usually start packing and curating my stuff few days before my trip. Indeed, there are some very important things that I always carry in all of my wildlife safaris in India. Based on my true and personal experience I made this list which I named “7 Most useful things to bring on safari”.

So, my list is not very long but after doing wildlife safaris in Sariska, Ranthabmbore, Jim Corbett, Great Himalayan National Park & Rajaji National Park, I decided to make this important list and share with my readers. All, these items are used by me personally in either of my safaris. Although, I bought some of them offline but I also found them on Amazon and hence thought if I can provide you the links for the same.

7 Most useful things to bring on safari

#1 DSLR with Zoom Lens[1]

Most of the professional photographers use 500mm, 800mm, and even longer lenses, but people like me should probably do fine with a simple zoom lens. May be Something like a 70-300mm will do for most of us, unless we want to do a professional shoot. Big pro zoom lenses are awesome and can capture anything crazy happening quite far, but they are really very expensive and insanely heavy, they’re also not the easiest things to use and carry too.

Nikon D5600 with AF-P 18-55mm + AF-P 70-300mm VR Kit
Nikon D5600 with AF-P 18-55mm + AF-P 70-300mm VR Kit

I personally use Nikon D5600 with AF-P 18-55mm + AF-P 70-300mm[2] VR Kit which I bought in January 2017.  Here are some of the images I clicked from mine
[ot-gallery url=”https://triptude.com/gallery/pictures-nikon-5600/”]

#2 Wildlife Binoculars[3]

Binoculars could be a very useful and handy accessory when going for a wildlife safari. You can’t expect wildlife to be nearer to you most of the time. Use binoculars to explore the distant lands. It was really helpful for me in my GNHP & Ranthambore Safari to spot exotic birds especially. You can buy any good binoculars from market.

The one I could suggest is Quechua 8X25 Binoculars by Decathalon[4]

Quechua 8X25 Binoculars
Quechua 8X25 Binoculars

#3 Camera Rain Cover[5]

Rains are unpredictable in forests and wildlife sanctuaries. Also, most of these wildlife safaris are done in open jeeps, canters or may be a walking safari. I am sure nobody want to damage his/her camera due to uninvited troubles from frequent rains during wildlife safaris. It is always suggested to have a good Camera Rain Cover whenever you are making a list of things to bring on safari. A good camera cover will not only save your expensive camera from rain, but it also helps you to prevent dust to enter inside the camera body. You could check this camera cover on Amazon[6].

Neewer Camera Protector Rain Cover
Neewer Camera Protector Rain Cover

#4 Camera Hand Grip Strap[7]

Due to uneven tracks & a lot of off-roading to spot wildlife it becomes difficult to always hold your camera tight in a correct position. It is always recommended to get a Camera Handgrip Strap[8] to keep your camera handy, so that you will not not miss any shot. As it is said, nature and wildlife never gives a second chance.

Generic Grip Wrist Strap Dslr Camera
Generic Grip Wrist Strap Dslr Camera

#5 A good Power Bank[9]

A good power bank could be a real saver and your best friend in a safari. It could be really helpful to charge your mobile phone as these wildlife safaris are sometimes 4-6 hours long if you have booked them for half day or full day basis. I don’t know much about which power bank is good or not, but as per my personal experience, my Mi 20000mAH Power Bank 2[10] has never disappointed me in any trip.

Mi 20000mAH Power Bank 2
Mi 20000mAH Power Bank 2

#6 Cool Waist Bag[11]

A waist bag is always one of the must have things to bring on safari. You can really use it very nicely to keep a lot of things like your mobile phone, extra camera batteries, your wallet, some cash and a lot of small things which you can’t put in your pockets as jeep rides in wild safaris are always bumpy. You will surely lose something as it might get dropped from your pocket anytime. This is one of the kind of waist bag I recently purchased from a wildcraft store near me.

Wildcraft 3 Ltrs Green Casual Waist Bag
Wildcraft 3 Ltrs Green Casual Waist Bag


#7 Tripod[12] & Camera Bean Bag[13]

If you are looking for some landscape photography and you have adequate time and conditions for it, do take a tripod with you. Most of the time, especially while moving in a jeep or a canter with people, a tripod best left at home. A monopod with a ball head[14] could be your best friend to help with a long lens, and save your arms from unnecessary fatigue.

Ball Head Monopod
Ball Head Monopod

You can also go for a Camera Beanbag that can be placed on the door frame, on the roof bars of a vehicle, or any other place that has viable support option. Small Bean bags can act as ultralight cushions filled with air. It does not offer the same stability as it can be achieved by a tripod or monopod, but still they are easier and lightweight thing to carry on a wildlife safari.

Nature Lounge Photography Bean Bag - Camouflage
Nature Lounge Photography Bean Bag – Camouflage

Well, I’m really hopeful that you’re next wildlife safari will be much-much better after you get all these accessories and feel the difference.
Do Share your experiences and tell me which of them you liked the most. Also, please feel free to comment below and let me know if I am missing something.
Till then….Wish you a very exciting & adventurous trip…:)

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