Things to Carry while travelling to Goa

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Things to Carry while travelling to Goa- Are you planning a summer trip already? Do you have a place in mind? And is it none other than Goa? Well, why not! After all Goa is an all season favourite of people from all around the world. There is absolutely no doubt in the fact that this is one of the best vacation plans that you can make.

But then again, there are certain things about visiting Goa that you will have to have an idea about. You must necessarily make sure that there are certain things to carry while travelling to Goa this summer. But then again these must not only be restrained to the summers. Rather any season you visit Goa, these things must make it to the list of essentials that you will have to carry.

Remember, that forgetting any one of these can be a serious problem to you and your trip. This is absolutely why these 15 Goa Essentials must find a place in your packs.

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15 Things to Carry while travelling to Goa:

Following is the list of 15 most essential list of things to carry while travelling to Goa:

The Sunscreens:

No matter what and how, this is definitely something that should make to your bag-pack. After all, how to do expect to enjoy and turn tanned at the same time? Obviously, there is no way how you can fully protect yourself and your skin from the dancing sun above your heads but then again, you can and should definitely offer at least some type of protection for your skin.

The sunscreens are the best for the same. Make absolutely sure that you are in fact getting through with the best sunscreens at all the time possible. This will be a blessing for you in many ways.

The Sunscreens for goa beaches

Best Sunscreen for Goa

Badger Natural Sport Sunscreen SPF 35

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BurnOut Ocean Tested SPF 30 Physical Sunscreen

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Alba Botanica Sensitive Mineral Sunscreen Fragrance Free

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The Accessories:

The concept of Goa and accessories goes hand in hand. These are some of the most important things you must pack for your Goa trip. Of course, these are the best because it helps you in various ways. You must remember to carry the sunglasses. You must also make sure that hats make it to the list of important accessories.

Beautiful and cool belts and shoes must also accompany you. These are absolutely necessary wen it comes to making an impact on the crowd of Goa. You need to look cool and simple at the same time of course.

Checkout these Cool Sunglasses for Goa

sunglasses for beaches

The cotton wears:

Remember, when you are in Goa, then there is only material that you can wear and feel comfortable. And it is none other than cotton. Yes, this is the only material that can fight off the summer heat without much problem at all.

Also, you must realize that the cotton saves you from bad sun rashes. Apart from that the cotton also makes sure that that you remain cool and your vacation mood is definitely not spoilt and this is definitely one of the greatest achievements that you can have for yourself if you consider fighting the summer heat as one.

Cotton clothes for Goa

cotton wear on beach


Yes, this is definitely a thing in Goa. You can go anywhere in shorts and Goa. Rather not going places in shorts will make you an outcast. Make sure that your luggage is thus packed with the same through and through.

If you want to be comfortable, trendy, and keep the heat out then this is a way for sure. You can choose cold jeans materials or cotton shorts as an option for you for sure. These shorts are to wear for any party that you would like to attend or beaches to go to. You must absolutely make sure that these are the best garments that you can get through with.

Cool Shorts for GoaShorts on beaches

Bottles of water:

The least that you will want to do is pit yourself through and unending thirst. Of course, you must understand that Goa is a city of beaches. The sun rises high there and brings in an immense of heat as well.

This can make you thirsty from time to time. In case, you visit Goa, you will have to ensure that carrying water bottles for all the time is necessary. Also, you must make sure that you are to carry a big reusable water bottle. It will keep the nature and the environment safe as well.

Be Responsible. Do not pollute the environment. Always take these Biodegradable Water Bottles.

Shopping list:

The Shopping list for Goa is very important to carry no matter what. In case you are travelling to Goa, then make sure that you are getting to go through with the shopping list all in all. This shopping list must be well planned and well attended to. This is definitely one thing that can make sure that you are not missing out on anything.

shopping in goa

You must carry the shopping list because of the fact that the Goa has so many things to look into that you may get confused as to buy what. A planned shopping list can ensure of the best results for yourself.

The Lip Balm:

The winds in Goa are salty and this is definitely one thing that can be a problem to you. If you are a dry skin type especially, there are high chances that the entire skin will dry out and cracks will start appearing. The lip balm is a thing that can make sure that the lip remains moisturized as well as healthy.

Lip Balm

The lip balm is definitely a necessity under any condition. With the help of a good lip balm, you exceptionally do well.

Great Modern Jewellery:

By modern jewellery you must understand the necessity of a funky and contemporary jewellery that you can wear and enjoy yourself in Goa. Of course, this is one thing that can ensure that you are mingling well with the crowd. The crowd in Goa are cool and funky and these funky jewelleries make a great part of the same.

If you carry great funky pieces of jewellery then you will definitely make it to the parties as well as the occasions in Goa without any problem at all. Also, it is cool to have pictures with these all in all.

Checkout this Cool Beach Jewellery

modern Jewellery on beaches

The Camera:

Camera is one of the most necessary tools when it comes to travelling Goa. You don’t want to lose out on the beautiful memories of the scenario that you come across in Goa. There are so many beautiful places to be. But then again you want them captured in their best as well. This will help you get through with the best results.

Best DSLR Cameras Under Rs. 30000/- Only

carry camera on beach

You must absolutely make sure that the digital cameras do not miss your list of things to carry under any condition. This can offer you with some great pictures forever to cherish.

Beach Wear:

The main attractions of the city of Goa are the beaches. People must necessarily understand that a good beach wear is absolutely necessary for the people no matter what. The beach wear can make sure that the people are comfortable on their own in the beaches.

Do check these 2 Deals
Beach Wear For Women Under Rs. 1000/- Only
Beach Wear For Men Under Rs. 1000/- Only

Beach Wear

You can have beach shorts, sarongs and what not. Make very sure that you are absolutely enjoying your Goa trip without being uncomfortable. The beach wears on the beaches can be the most suitable thing for you and thus you must not forget to carry the same under any condition.

Power Bank:

The power banks are absolutely necessary for the people. One must absolutely understand that the importance of the power banks is immense. Of course, when it comes to going around, then ensuring the charge in the phone always is definitely not an option. You will have to make sure that a power bank is there to the rescue.

This will help you be stress free always. Also, you can make sure that you are getting through with the advantage of exploring the entirety of Goa and clicking as many pictures as you like and not having to worry about the battery till the end.

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Power Bank charing phone

A Right Pair of Footwear:

Understand that Goa is not a place where you can explore a lot of boots. This is certainly a big NO! Choosing to wear covered shoes always can lead to immense amount of blisters on your feet. And this is certainly one of the worst possible things that you will want while on a vacation to Goa.

Best Beach Footwear Under Rs. 1000/-

This is only why you must have access to the right pair of footwear in the very first place. the Flip flops and the beach sandals are the best. These should make to the packing list for a beach vacation. This will help you with the best results under any condition. You will not have to stress over feet problems. Neither would you have to stay back at the accommodation and miss out on the entire amount of fun.

Right Pair of Footwear

Accommodation Reservations:

This is another thing that must be done right before you reach and visit the places in Goa. You must carry the accommodation reservations along with you. The reason is very simple. The entire year, Goa gets to see and experience a huge amount of tourists from the outside. This is a great problem for sure.

You must necessarily understand that in summer there are high chances that almost all the hotels will be absolutely reserved. And this is only why the accommodation reservations before hand can save you in many ways. Make sure that you have these made thus.

Accommodation reservations

The first aid:

Not only for Goa trip, but you must have this for every trip that you are going to attend to. You must absolutely make sure that the first thing that can happen in a totally alien city is that you may have an accident. And this is only why you must make sure that the first aid comes handy.

first aid on beach

Having a first aid kit can help you and your family members get the basic treatment in the first place. This will be great for sure no matter what.

The “Secret stack of emergency cash”:

This is another thing that you must carry. You must make sure that the secret stack of emergency cash is really something that will help you in dire times. This money is not for regular use. But in Goa, people can hardly get over with the habit of binge spending. They are to spend some extra money and will end up almost broke.

You will have to return good as well. Keeping this in mind, you will have to carry an extra stash of cash that is not be utilized just whenever you feel like.

Secret stack of emergency cash

All these are the 15 most necessary things that you will have to carry with you under any condition. But then again when you are visiting Goa, then there are few important tips that you must follow. These Goa Travel Tips can help you with a successful Goan trip.

Tips to follow:

Following are few tips that can help you with the best results in your Goa trip:

Adhere to the checklist:

Make sure that you are adhering to the checklist for Goa trip. This is an absolute necessity for sure. You must make sure that adhering to the list can help you with great results no matter what. If you forget any of the above mentioned 15 necessary items then certainly there can be many problems related to the same. This is one reason why you must maintain the same.


Do not forget the cheap booze:

If you are to experience some of the best booze that you can get your hands on, then remember, Goa is a place for you. The best part of the matter is that you will not only get cheap booze but also get through with the N number of brands that you may not find anywhere else in India.

beer on goa beach

Make a list of food places:

Be open about food when on a vacation to Goa. Make sure that you realize that the various food places you will come across with will introduce you to an N number of different cuisines for sure. And this will make sure that your taste buds are not suffering by any means.

beer on goa beach

Now you know what to pack for the Goa trip and what rules to adhere. Now go and rock the trip like a Pro!